Attorney for Miya Marcano’s family says more questions should be raised after report is released

Marcano family attorney claims redacted report lacks crucial details

The attorney for Miya Marcano’s family, Daryl Washington, said a heavily-redacted incident report released on Friday actually raises more questions about Marcano’s death.

Marcano was found dead near an apartment complex on Oct. 2 with duct tape bounding her feet and hands and covering her mouth.

The prime suspect in the case, Armando Caballero, committed suicide.

Washington said he believes this report and information released so far seem to leave out key details.

“By looking into Miya’s room, he could see that dresser is propped against the door and the back window was open,” Washington said.

There was also evidence within the apartment that shows that there was a struggle that had taken place.

According to a video, here was an exchange that took place between the family and Caballero hours after Marcano went missing.

Family: You’re fascinated with Miya.

Caballero: It’s not only from my side so don’t try to make this to think I’m a stalker.

According to the report, Caballero admitted to trying to date Marcano and that he stopped after she denied him, but Washington said it leaves out key information he says the responding deputy received from two witnesses on scene.

“That this maintenance employee had actually been harassing Miya, had been sending her unwanted text messages and that she felt very uncomfortable,” Washington said.

Deputies say Cabellero used a master key fob to enter Marcano’s apartment the day she was reported missing.

They say he killed her, dumped her body, and then killed himself.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said the responding deputy had no probable cause to detain Caballero that night, but Washington disagrees.

“This officer should be at a minimum suspended, but it’s our belief that he should also be terminated,” he said.

Marcano’s family is working to hold anyone responsible and accountable for Miya’s disappearance.

The Medical Examiner’s office has not yet released how she died.

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