Why do you want to go to space? Winter Park education center offers big prize for student answers

SpaceKids Global asking for student essays for chance to win zero-gravity flight

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Why do you want to go to space? That’s a simple question with a big prize!

SpaceKids Global is hosting a national essay competition for kids ages 8-12 where two winners will get a zero-gravity flight.

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The mission of SpaceKids Global is to bring space to all children and inspire elementary students in STEAM+ education with a focus on empowering young girls.

“So I did the flight, and like anyone who’s experienced anything, you, you’re a little apprehensive, you know? The fear of the unknown, But you know I kind of sucked it up and I go, ‘I’m gonna do this’ and to my pleasant surprise, it was an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to do it again,” SpaceKids Global Founder Sharon Hagle said. “And it’s just unbelievable. You have no weight at all and can fly like Superman through the air. They’re going to love it.”

Students have until 5 p.m. on March 14 to submit their entries. Each essay must be between 800-1,200 words and apply to the theme: “Why I Want To Go To Space.”

“I think we’re looking for kids who are thinking this through and imagining the possibilities and imagining that they’re there,” Hagle said. “I think it provides a thought process of what the future might look like for them. In all possibility, they’ll be living on Earth, they’ll be living on Mars or on the moon. This is a great opportunity for them to use their imagination and figure out why they want to go to space, how they’ll go to space, will they live in space. There are all kinds of questions they have the opportunity to create and answer.”

The competition is open to all U.S. students ages 8-12 enrolled in public, private, parochial or home schools. The winner will be announced on National Space Day, May 6th. To enter, visit SpaceKids Global’s website by clicking here.

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