What you should know about News 6′s newest meteorologist

Michelle Morgan grew up in Florida, recently returned to Sunshine State to work at News 6

Michelle Morgan is the latest member of the News 6 weather team.

She joined Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells on Talk To Tom to answer viewers’ questions.

“How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a meteorologist and what were the deciding factors?” News 6 viewer Phyllis Moore asked.

Morgan said it all started when she was around 5 or 6 years old. She lived in Brooklyn, New York.

“We had a huge winter storm and I asked my parents, ‘Where is the snow coming from,’” she said. “This was way before the internet. So, they got me a bunch of books to read. Then shortly after, in my teenage years, we moved to Florida where we had back-to-back hurricanes and that was the cherry on top where I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist.”

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“Who inspired her to seek a career in meteorology?” viewer Anthony Jackson asked.

Morgan said a fellow News 6 weather expert actually encouraged her to forecast weather on TV.

“I actually did not want to become a broadcast meteorologist. I wanted to work behind the scenes in a cubicle away from people, looking at models and stuff, putting my forecast together, that was my main goal. But, a good friend of mine, Samara (Cokinos), called me one day and said, ‘What do you think about getting into broadcast’ and I said, ‘I have this fancy degree, why not use it, and here I am.”

“What’s the ultimate weather event she ever witnessed on or off the job?” Jackson also asked.

Morgan said her favorites are Chinook Winds, a phenomenon she reported on in Montana, and the Northern Lights.

“I would like to know where she is from,” News 6 viewer Victoria French said.

Morgan proudly states she spent the first few years of her life in New York before moving to Clermont in high school. She moved away for a bit to get her start in weather forecasting, including stops in Montana and New Orleans, before moving back home to Florida.

Sorrells asked her what her hobbies are, and she said she is a fan of painting, making candles and skating.

“When I’m not forecasting or working or anything like that, I love hanging out with my family, but for myself, I love to roller skate. You can always find me with a pair of quad skates rolling somewhere, doing something. That is the most enjoyable thing for me to do. I have been quad skating since I was young.”

Learn more about Morgan on Talk to Tom. The show airs every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. on News 6 or anytime on News 6+.

You can also watch Morgan on Saturday and Sunday mornings as she forecasts your weather right here on News 6 weekends.

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