Orlando dad tracks down car suspected in hit-and-run

Family seeks justice after 2-car crash

By Mark Lehman - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando father is seeking justice after he said he tracked down the driver who fled after crashing into his family's car.

The man said his fiancee and two children were driving home Wednesday evening when they were T-boned near the intersection of 4th Street and 8th Avenue.

The accident caused major damage to the family's SUV, especially to the back passenger door where the man's 18-month-old son was sitting.

After the crash, the father of the family said the driver didn't stop to see if anyone was injured.

"As soon as he T-boned (the car), he kept going straight down 8th Street toward the back of our neighborhood and parked his car at his house and took off," he said.

Once he was assured that no one was seriously injured in the accident, the man said he was able to track down the car responsible for the crash with the help of neighbors.

"I notified law enforcement right in his driveway," he said.  "They transferred me to Florida Highway Patrol.  That's when I was relayed the message they'd get to it when they can."

An accident report was filed with a trooper at the scene of the crash, but the father of two said he's concerned with a lack of urgency from FHP.

"I'm worried he might get behind the wheel of a car and do this again, possibly kill somebody, or even worse," he said.

FHP spokeswoman Kim Montes told Local 6 that the agency works, on average, about 25 hit-and-run crashes per day.  She said fatal and injury-related crashes take priority.

Montes said a trooper will follow up on Thursday.

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