Longwood fire station likely to relocate due to flooding, fire chief says

New fire station could take 9-18 months

By Troy Campbell - Reporter

LONGWOOD, Fla. - The city of Longwood Fire Department told News 6 on Monday that flooding has become a major issue at one of its fire stations.

Interim Chief Michael Peters said that a likely solution will be to completely relocate the fire station. Peters said area construction projects have also affected the elevation on nearby Warren Avenue.

"We shouldn't have to have that worry, on top of us responding to the emergencies that we are here for," Peters said.

In cellphone video, firefighters can be seen stacking sandbags with several inches of water.

"That's not something I think any of us would say is an acceptable part of our job," Peters said.

He said that the fire station has flooded three times in the past six months, adding that is an increase from years past. He said the department has lowered the water level in a nearby retention pond and brought in water pumps.

"Elevation changes over the park construction have certainly had an effect on the amount of stormwater we are seeing on the station pad and the grounds," Peters said.

Peters said that the station, which opened in 1980, will likely close its doors in the near future because of the flooding issues. He added that the department has already spent money on cleanup crews and air quality testing inside the building.

"More than likely, the eventual long-term solution is going to be a relocation of the station," he said.

Peters said it could take anywhere from nine to 18 months for a new fire station.

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