Grin and bear it: Berlin panda gets CT scan for kidney exam

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In this Thursday Nov. 7, 2019 photo, provide by the Berlin Zoo, nine years old male Panda Jiao Ling is prepared for an examination in the computer tomograph in Berlin, The veterinarians of the zoo wanted to investigate the function the different sized kidneys. (Berlin Zoo via AP)

BERLIN – A Berlin zoo says a giant panda whose twin cubs have captured international attention has undergone a CT scan after veterinarians discovered one of his kidneys was smaller than the other.

The zoo said Tuesday that 9-year-old Jiao Qing was examined last week by experts at the city's Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research after the discrepancy was picked up on an ultrasound.

The 110-kilogram (243-pound) bear underwent the scan while under anesthesia. Doctors confirmed one kidney is smaller.

The panda's urine will be tested to determine whether the smaller kidney is functioning properly. Even if not, animals can live healthy lives with only one kidney.

Jiao Qing is the father of twin cubs born Aug. 31. They are doing well.