Team behind NASA's most famous building honored

In the shadow of the massive Vehicle Assembly Building (under construction at right) the Launch Control Center nears completion in February 1965. (Image credit: NASA )

Happy Friday from News 6 and! I'm News 6 digital journalist Emilee Speck filling in for Brianna Volz.

A mother's rant about just who should and shouldn't go to Disney theme parks is making the rounds on the internet and NASA's giant rocket garage is getting some well-deserved recognition.

Let's get to those trending stories and more below.

A rant inspired by a Disney pretzel

Disney World can be truly magical. Unless you’re the mother of a 3-year-old who just missed out on a Mickey pretzel. That's according to one woman's viral rant which says people without children should just skip the theme parks altogether.

Is it real? We hope not. Is it satire? Got to hope so, but it’s pretty unhinged either way. Click here to read on.

Orange County teachers to vote 'no' on deal with district

Orange County teachers rallied Friday against a contract between their union and the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association and the Orange County Public Schools that they say doesn’t reflect their values or compensate teachers enough.
Hear what they have to say and why some Orange County teachers plan to vote no.

It's a giant garage, but for rockets

This Space Friday newsletter item is a big one, Saturn V rocket-big. This Saturday, the design team responsible for Kennedy Space Center's most recognizable pieces of architecture-- the Vehicle Assembly Building and the Launch Control Center – will be honored by the Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects.

I spoke to the architect who drew up the original sketch of the VAB in 1962 at 25 years old. Read more about its history here.

Eye on the tropics

We're in the thick of hurricane season and News 6 meteorologists are keeping a close eye on an developments. The good news, for now, is that the tropics remain fairly quiet, but thunderstorm activity across the tropical Atlantic has ramped up. Still, the National Hurricane Center is expecting no tropical development over the next five days. Whew!

Click here for yoru full weekend forecast.

I hope you enjoy your weekend! Next week, Brianna Volz will be back. I know we've messed her on the team or the last two days. 

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