News 6 Getting Results: Suspected burglar caught in the act; summer camp for kids and dogs

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News 6 is always working to get results in Central Florida.

From a camp where kids work with dogs and a Girl Scout spreading skin cancer awareness to a woman helping widows, News 6 showcases people getting results in our community each week. It's how News 6 works to make the Orlando area a better place to live.

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Here are some recent Getting Results stories that may pique your interest:

This summer, a group of children is learning about dogs and responsibility at Camp Doglando. Campers work with dogs from local rescues to build a bond over the course of two weeks. Julie Broughton found out how the camp benefits both the children and the dogs.

Children learn dog-training skills at University of Doglando's summer camp

Video surveillance recorded the moment Leesburg police caught a suspected burglar in the act. The homeowners' smartphone app alerted the couple to the crime. They called the police and officers arrived before the suspect left. Clay LePard spoke to police, who say the cameras helped them get crime results.

Woman who broke into house claims she just wanted to check on dogs, police say

Living in the Sunshine State, we don't always think about how the sun affects our health. Now a 16-year-old Girl Scout wants to educate other teenagers about the dangers of skin cancer. Jacklyn Dougherty is packing sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses into small educational kits. Kirstin O'Connor explains how Dougherty got health results for 600 teens.

Girl Scout creating nonprofit to educate teens about skin cancer

Merging onto the highway can be stressful, especially when you're not sure who has the right of way. News 6 traffic safety expert Steve Montiero answers the right way question and has some advice for drivers on the road in this week's ride along.

Merging onto highways: Trooper Steve answers who has the right of way?

Losing a spouse can be one of the most traumatic and life-altering moments of your life. For many women survivors, it can also be lonely and isolating. This week's Getting Results Award winner, Darlene Maresco has a soft spot for those women. Matt Austin shows us how Maresco's nonprofit honors the women who have lost their partners.

My Beloved Widows: Themed luncheons offer 'safe haven' for widows

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