Ep. 108: Florida Foodie -- Knights Helping Knights Pantry

Organization helps UCF students struggling with hunger

ORLANDO, Fla. – There are a lot of stereotypes about how college students eat. Lots of people believe it's an endless parade of pizza, ramen and beer; however, that is not the reality for many college students across the country.

According to a recent Harvard study, up to half of the nation's college students experience food insecurity.

That means they may not always have access to any food, let alone pizza or ramen.

Recently, News 6 anchor Kirstin O'Connor interviewed two students at the University of Central Florida about their experiences dealing with food insecurity on campus. 

O'Connor joined in on this week's Florida Foodie episode, once again sitting down with Ryan Colderon and Naseeka Dixon to learn more about college students struggling with hunger and what resources are available to them on UCF's campus.

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