Jewel Love Jr. crowns corporate kings with executive coaching

Corie Murray’s ‘Black Men Sundays’ podcast focuses on business, finance and building generational wealth

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The concept of seeking a coach for beneficial redirection in life is no new topic here at “Black Men Sundays.” In fact, we speak this week with another such professional.

This time on the show, host Corie Murray interviews Jewel Edward Love, Jr., founder of Black Executive Men (BEM), an Oakland, California-based coaching company which seeks to “transform the lives of Black men across corporate America, in order for them to make the greatest impact possible,” according to BEM’s mission statement.

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Under Love’s leadership, BEM has boosted the careers of over 500 Black men in the last seven years, helping them obtain mid-level and senior executive roles at leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, PayPal, Capital One, Medtronic, Upwork, Trimble and PG&E.

“It’s through one key transformative process we help them with, and it’s called ‘Zone of Genius.’ Now, we didn’t invent it, but it’s something that we definitely make sure we speak about with all of our clients,” Love said. “So, ‘Zone of Genius’ is essentially finding out how you’re the best in the world, and I mean that literally, not figuratively, I mean that in exactly what you do and when you figure that out alongside your professional mission and your why, of why you’re doing what you do, you can command a lot higher price points, as far as your salary is concerned, in the marketplace.”

Love strives to help his clients achieve what he calls 3S, the trinity of high salary, high seniority and a high level of job satisfaction. Hand-in-hand goes Love’s 3M System, too, which stands for mindset, motivation and massive action.

“There’s a whole ‘nother level of why you need to be in a senior level role if you’re in one of these organizations. Just the benefits, the perks, you can actually get executive health insurance for the rest of your life if you’re in some of these roles. You quit a job, you still have it coming for you and your family. The benefits are outrageous when you get to senior level,” Love said. “It’s for the satisfaction that you can have in a role where you’re having the impact that you’re desiring to have, you’re accomplishing your mission, your professional mission for why you’re here on Earth, the level of satisfaction that that can bring and confidence that it can have can not only show up in your job, but in your family and in your friend circle, church, spiritual community, it’s just like- it can be a new life for you.”

According to Love, he helps his clients hit their potentials by guiding them toward leaving behind regrets, procrastination and the possibility of failure.

“When we’re working with our clients, whether we’re helping them get a new job or a salary bump at their current organization and showing them tactics, strategies, motivation and accountability on how to do that, it helps them make more money. We’re talking about $10K, 30K, we got a guy in our program now who’s going from $300K to $700K,” Love said. “I know that sounds, you know, just maybe ridiculous, but it’s not, because we got guys making millions and it’s just about how they package themselves and how they sell their services.”

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