How Financial Advisor Joe Ferrer’s giving heart got him far

Corie Murray’s ‘Black Men Sundays’ podcast focuses on business, finance and building generational wealth

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ORLANDO, Fla. – You may be good at what you do, or proud of what you do, but can you say you’re in the top 5% of whichever activity or occupation you just thought of? Well, Joe Ferrer can.

This week on “Black Men Sundays,” host Corie Murray interviews the financial advisor, author and Mailbox Money president to learn what it took to become one of the best money managers in the business.

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“One of the biggest things that took me from just being an average financial advisor to one of the top 5% globally was when I made the true commitment to give. You know, I’ve always kind of acted like I gave before, and I mean, I gave, but we know when Sunday comes around what we give and what we should be giving can be quite different, and I always gave, but I knew that it wasn’t what I was supposed to,” Ferrer said. “So I made a commitment, and once I made that commitment to give, my life changed, and I gave thinking that I would have less and, you know, unfortunately, that wasn’t the way it is.”

Mailbox Money, Ferrer’s nonprofit, was created to serve as a platform for people who think the same way he did at the time, he described. It accepts monthly payments from engagers, 80% of which is then disbursed in golden envelopes to random people in an effort to make the world a better place by sharing wealth and happiness.

“I felt like I needed to get more before I could give more,” Ferrer said. “(We) make it easy and convenient for people to be able to make a commitment to giving. So we have a platform where it’s $10 a month, our saying is ‘You don’t have to be rich to give,’ because I want people to experience the same freedom and the same excitement and progression in my career that giving has created me, and that’s how we have this platform to allow people to give.”

The former Notre Dame linebacker shared anecdotes that spur from and circle back to his books — “Mailbox Money: A Salesman’s Journey to Learn the Secrets of Business and Life,” and its sequel.

The flagship title tells the story of a salesman’s journey to success, walking with a mentor to unlock a series of disciplines: Stay Close to the Process, the Power of Visualization, Transformation and the Power of Applied Information. The books were written as a means to help readers navigate similar paths to prosperity.

“The disciplines were basically when I wrote the first book, Mailbox Money, it was really just about ‘Hey, Joe, how did you go from being just, you know, OK, to really be fairly successful in this industry?’” Ferrer said. “I kind of laid out the secrets of my success as these four disciplines that you have to be able to attain, and it’s just told through this story, but by reading the book Mailbox Money, you’ll get an idea of — what are the things that kind of propelled me from a business standpoint? And then as you read on, you’ll see where the giving kind of comes in down the road.”

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