Want to Ride Along with Trooper Steve?

Trooper Steve invites viewers to ride with him and learn the rules of the road

ORLANDO, Fla. – Hey, Central Florida. Do you want to ride along with Trooper Steve?

News 6 Traffic Safety Expert Steven Montiero is Getting Results, educating our community and helping to make safer drivers with a new segment called “Ride Along with Trooper Steve!”

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Central Floridians now have the chance to ride along with Trooper Steve and learn firsthand insider secrets about how to eliminate those traffic stressors. Just hop in the passenger seat and find out what you should do in any and every kind of road situation.

From what to do when you get pulled over by police to how to spot imposters, drive defensively and protect yourself if a road rage driver is on your tail, Trooper Steve knows what to do and he wants you to know, too.

You are invited so come on, get in the passenger seat and learn how to stay safe on our ever-changing roads.