Why moving homes right now could be healthy for you

Moving is healthy, especially in a pandemic -- at least, that’s what real estate attorney Justin Clark says.

After the past year of being in what can easily be called a rut, many people have talked about wanting to get away on vacation, but Clark says, “What about moving?”

“I think moving can be one of the most healthy things that we can do when we get in a rut,” he said.

Clark added that, if you haven’t moved since at least 2010 or 2011, right now, you definitely have equity in your home.

“Think about those drawers in the kitchen, just full of Chinese food menus and chopsticks -- all sorts of things that make you crazy,” he said. “Why do you think we do spring cleaning? Or talk about doing spring cleaning? It’s because we want some freshness. We want a fresh start.”

That is another thing that moving can do: Give you a full, fresh, clean start.

If you’re thinking you can’t move right now because the housing prices have gone up so much, Clark disagrees.

“I think when we buy home, we are buying a monthly payment.”

Comparing two costs at different interest rates, it’s clear that a more expensive home with a better interest rate is going to give you a better monthly payment.

You can see what he means in the image below.

Watch the video above to learn more.

Comparing interest rates. (WKMG)