Here’s how you can save money on your monthly mortgage payment

If you’re living in Florida, you probably already know how great it is.

Real estate attorney Justin Clark agrees. And while prices for homes are soaring across the nation, Florida remains in a great spot.

Clark named just two of many reasons Florida is a great spot to live:

  1. There are no state income taxes.
  2. Average property taxes are somewhere right in the middle, in relation to the nation. And they’re much less than some states that also have a state income tax.

“Yes, prices have gone up, but if you look at the national average, Florida is 24th -- right in the middle. Yet, we have beaches, we have beautiful weather,” Clark said.

And while all of that is great, he acknowledges that for average working-class Americans, it’s not necessarily the total dollar amount for a home that is a deciding factor -- it’s what that monthly payment comes down to.

In the video above, Clark explains how you can save money on your monthly mortgage payment.