Best of Central Florida: This concept is like Airbnb or Uber -- but it’s for massages

This "spa," or spa app, as it should be called, won the People's Choice award, and you're about to see why. It's kind of like Airbnb or Uber, but for massage.

Ever wanted to get a massage, but the spa near your house or inside your hotel was booked solid?

This app offers a solution to that problem.

Winning the People’s Choice Award in the Best of Central Florida competition is MATAGO Massage.

Founder Chris Merrell joined host Justin Clark to discuss the concept. MATAGO is actually an app -- and it brings the spa right to your house or hotel room rather than sending you out for an appointment.

It’s like Airbnb or Uber meets massage therapy, Merrell and Clark said.

It’s all on-demand, meaning if you’re interested in a massage, you open the app, select your therapist based on ratings, reviews, price, specialities or other factors; you can even select a price range based on what you feel comfortable paying for the service.

Every state licenses and background checks its massage therapists, so you know you’re getting someone right for the job, Merrell said.

And if you’re a massage therapist, perhaps you’ll find the app is right for you. You could look into booking work through MATAGO, which, Merrell said, lets you keep 100% of what you charge.

To learn more, watch the video, above.