Local 6 sports presents 'Ping's Things'

David Pingalore talks NFL, Orlando City, more


I'm back for another week of Ping's Things.

I can't understand why the NFL and Tom Brady can't figure out a settlement.  It blows my mind!  Both parties have good and bad arguments for "Deflategate." 

The judge overseeing the case says figure it out, or else.  If I were Tom Brady, I'd settle for a one-game suspension and a fine.  The fine would be simple: Eat New England clam chowder mixed in with Frosted Flakes.  Seems like a good deal.  YUCK!

Major League Baseball needs to figure out something when it comes to protecting pitchers.  Did you see what happened Monday night when Yankees pitcher Brian Mitchell took a line drive to the face?  He's lucky he only suffered a nasal fracture. Catchers and batters wear helmets. In football, helmets are worn.  Why not pitchers?  MLB shouldn't wait for something tragic to happen.  Fix it now.  

I still get "Ping me" emails about Tiger Woods.  

Joesph Lyonnais wrote: "Hey Ping, when are the sports pundits going to realize that Tiger Woods has a fatal case of DUVALITIS?  It's over."

Well, thanks, Joe.  Most do say that, and I may have to agree with you.  David Duval was once the No. 1 golfer in the world, then fell off the planet.  It seems to be the direction Woods has been going since that infamous night at Isleworth.  He was one of the best to watch in his day.

Be sure to watch Local 6 this weekend to see if Woods can get it together at the Wyndham Championship. Tiger WHO?

Did you see the story in which USA TODAY put out the Top 10 most overrated college football fans?  FSU was No. 1.  What's USA TODAY have against the 'Noles? The Chop? 

Florida and Miami are also on the list, with Harvard and Yale.  Why would anyone complain to be ranked with two Ivy League schools?

Ping's Things likes Oviedo's Blake Bortles to lead the Jags to another preseason win.  Watch Local 6 Saturday at 7 p.m.  Jags win 6-0.  ... Tiger Woods finishes 9th this weekend. ... The Orlando City Soccer Club travels to Toronto on Saturday.  The Lions have scored one goal in the last three games.  Can there be a final score in soccer of minus-2 to 0?  ... I think the Lions may have to trade for Magic guard Victor Oladipo. ... And fantasy football players, get your cheat sheet out.  Carolina lost wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin for the season to a torn ACL.

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