July is season for college football media days

When will your favorite conference have its media day?

Get ready for college football coaches to recite cliches seemingly a million times, such as how anxious they are to start the season, how great of an offseason their players have had in the weight room and how great the characters of their players are.

The start of July might mean that summer activities are in full swing, but it also represents the arrival of college football media days.

Each team will bring a group of players selected by the head coach to its conference media day, and coaches will get an allotted time on the podium for a question-and-answer session with media members.

Coaches are often straightforward and don't say anything too colorful, although there have been exceptions. 

In 2010, Alabama head coach Nick Saban ripped into player agents at SEC Media Day, saying, "How are they any better than a pimp?" 

In 2002, then-Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt at SEC Media Day was asked about the status of one of his players, who was in jail at the time, and produced some chuckles with his response. 

"Well, he might be out with other inmates cleaning up alongside the highway," Nutt quipped. 

Typically, though, it's the ultimate time of optimism and cliches, but it also gets fans fired up for the season that's just around the corner.

Practice for most teams is slated to start in early August. 

Here’s a schedule of the media days for each conference.