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August 14, 2013

Theme World:  Parade-Free Days

Imagine a day without a single parade on all 28,000 acres of the Walt Disney World resort. We may get to see what that is like in just months. And it could last a while.

We've already seen an end to parades at Hollywood Studios. That happened back in April

Epcot hasn't had a parade since the much-loved Tapestry of Nations/Dreams at the turn of the century. With  the explosion of new lagoon-side restaurants and kiosks it is unlikely to ever host a parade again.

Animal Kingdom's Jammin' Jungle Parade officially is still going strong. But I've heard rumblings that it will be gone before 2014. IF that happens -- and it is still and IF -- that leaves the Magic Kingdom as the only place for parades.

But we know it is getting ready for the new Festival of Fantasy Parade.

It is something parade-goers will be excited about. It looks to be much larger in scale. That means the Magic Kingdom team will need to expand its parade float warehouse, and spend time dealing with the logistics so it has a smooth debut sometime next March. That means Celebrate a Dream Come True must end soon. And now we may know when.

Steve, webmaster of the always reliable WDWMagic.com, predicts that day will come about December 19th.

But I just checked with Disney's official website and found it may be around a few days longer. Now -- heads up -- Disney's official site is often WAY behind on updated information, but take a look at December 31st:

There's still a parade. Now look at January 1st, 2014:

No Day parade is listed.  A few days later, no parade at all. (Main Street Electrical Parade goes to a much-less-frequent schedule in the slow season).
What would you think about WDW being parade-free for a while?

Keep your emails, questions, and comments coming! I always appreciate the feedback.

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See you in the parks!

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