Super Nintendo World coming to Universal’s Epic Universe

Epic Universe coming to Orlando in 2023

Comcast officials confirmed "Super Nintendo World" is coming to Universal's Epic Universe, according to an earnings call with investors.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Comcast officials confirmed this week that “Super Nintendo World” is coming to Universal’s Epic Universe on an earnings call with investors.

The video game land is the first world the company announced is coming to the new theme park, which is set to open in 2023.

Universal Studios Japan is opening its own "Super Nintendo World" this summer.

“The attraction that we’re building in Osaka is spectacular. From a creative standpoint it’s really unbelievable,” a Comcast official said.

The immersive world will put guests into the video game. Theme park goers will use wearable wrist band technology called the “Power Up Band,” which allows visitors to play against their friends and collect coins throughout the land, just like Mario.

Comcast hopes the new Nintendo land will bring in more park guests, comparing its popularity to Harry Potter.

"Nintendo based on our research is one of the biggest potential drivers of attendance that you could have of any kind of IP," a Comcast official said. "It's up there with Harry Potter, which in some of our parks Harry Potter drove incremental attendance of about two million people."

Theme park experts told News 6 they don’t believe “Super Nintendo World” will be as big as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because Harry Potter is a bigger franchise.

However, Comcast officials are expecting big growth with the new offering.

“I think Nintendo is going to be potentially a big accelerator in the theme park business,” a Comcast official said.