’Puppet Theater: Captive Audience’ house coming to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights

House will be exclusive to Orlando event in 2021

“Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience” announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2021 (Universal Orlando)

ORLANDO, Fla – The creative and twisted minds behind Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights announced Tuesday an all-new haunted house for 2021, “Puppet Theater: Captive Audience.”

The original house will transport guests into the horrifying and gory scenes of San Francisco’s Grandeur Theater in the turn of the century in the 1900′s.

“This place has collapsed and inside this puppet troupe, from the eastern European era has come in to set up shop. Right as they were exiting, the Gurion of Ballet was also here. These two groups, and some patrons and stuff - when this collapsed, they were all trapped” said Charles Gray, a senior show director at Universal Orlando. “They all start losing their mind and the puppet troupe start taking the patrons, cutting them up, and turning them into puppets” Gray described.

The creators said one of the haunted house’s prominent characters will not only be puppets, but the giant red curtain in the theater. Officials said the curtain will be seen in multiple rooms as guests see the horrors backstage, the orchestra pit and even where the audience would sit.

“The geography of like, ‘oh now we’re backstage and this is happening, in front of the curtain, so we’re in a different place’ which is why you have to go through the mazes multiple times. Cause then you see the different aspects and different elements of it” said Greg Nicotero, Executive producer, Director, and makeup and special effects artist.

The house is one of several already being planned for the 2021 event by the team at Universal Orlando.

Leaders described the house during a video that was released by the theme park Tuesday.

Universal Orlando is currently offering fall and Halloween activities through Nov. 1, which include two haunted houses, scavenger hunts and a Halloween Horror Nights tribute store. Guests can start planning their fall 2021 visit to Halloween Horror Nights and enjoy other seasonal experiences across the destination by clicking here.

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