SunPass problems linger after system upgrade

Tolls have not been deducted for three weeks

SunPass tolls.
SunPass tolls.

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Florida Department of Transportation is waiving all SunPass late fees and penalties due to lingering problems with a website and mobile app update. 

The SunPass system has accumulated toll charges for customer accounts since the system maintenance began on June 1. 

Mike Dew, secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation, says SunPass won't take out money from accounts until it knows the new, upgraded system is working. 

The agency also says that it will be waiving late fees and penalties. 

FDOT says the billing delay will not have an impact on the cost of tolls or the ability to drive on the system. 

Despite the problems, FDOT says it will still charge for all tolls, but will post the charges gradually over a number of weeks. 


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