'What the Honk': Passing traffic illegally, ditching helmets, hauling equipment

News 6 traffic safety expert addresses viewers' 'WTH' moments

Central Florida viewers puzzled by vehicle hauling equipment on Space Coast.
Central Florida viewers puzzled by vehicle hauling equipment on Space Coast.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Another week, another round of questions compiled from those who drive Central Florida's roads.

"On this edition of 'What the Honk,' I’m learning very quickly there is no shortage of questionable behavior out there," News 6 traffic safety expert Steven Montiero said.

Illegally passing traffic

Have you ever been stuck in a long line of traffic, politely waiting for your light to change, and suddenly someone pulls up next to you, but you know physically that wasn’t supposed to happen? Well, that’s what a Honda Pilot driver did, Montiero said.

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The incident unfolded along westbound Old Winter Garden Road at Kirkman Road. Traffic was at a complete stop when the driver on the left drove over the concrete median, cutting off about eight other vehicles, according to Montiero.

"Rude? Yes. Illegal? Yes," Montiero said. "Definitely a WTH moment."

Don't ditch your helmet

"I‘ve always been a little curious as to why someone would hang a helmet from the back of their motorcycle and not have it strapped on their head," Montiero said. "I’ve been riding since I was 16 and when I say no crash is a good crash, I mean it."

Montiero said that during his time as a Florida Highway Patrol trooper, he investigated hundreds of crashes and saw how a small crash can result in catastrophic injuries if the right protective equipment isn’t worn.

"No one cares for your decorative helmet, believe me," he said.

Not only was Montiero concerned with the motorcyclist's decision not to wear a helmet, he also asked viewers to turn their attention toward the rider's feet.

"I’m gonna guess he left the house in quite the rush," Montiero said.

The rider was rocking a flip-flop on his right foot, complete with a sock. He had a sneaker on his left foot, minus the sock.

"Truly a 'What the Honk' moment," Montiero said.

How not to haul equipment

"OK, look. You might want to trade out your family sedan for a pickup truck if your job has you transporting heavy equipment -- a lot of heavy equipment," Montiero said.

A photo taken on the Space Coast and was sent to Montiero by several different viewers. In the picture, a car was seen pulling into a home improvement store. Montiero said he counted more than 20 different items on top of the car, all of which were strapped down by just some string.

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"Not only is this a true 'What the Honk' moment, but a disaster waiting to happen," Montiero said.

Florida Statute 316.520 explains how to properly secure items to a vehicle. According to Montiero, that particular load would not be considered “properly secured."

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As always, drive safely. 

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