'What the Honk': Trooper Steve explores DIY car hacks

ORLANDO, Fla. – On this week's edition of "What the Honk?!", you all really came through. 

First up, we have a "driver" who may have lost his way, but based on the viewer submission, he seemed not to be concerned.

His motorized wheelchair was cruising down a center lane of Pine Hills Road. I am by no means trying to make fun of anyone here, but come on, this is just asking for trouble. Smart? No. Legal? Absolutely not. 

OK, so, when I reviewed this next one, I almost started to slow clap for the owner. File this one under home innovation at its finest.

What you're looking at is an altered garden hose coming from the engine compartment. That hose runs to the passenger sideview mirror, and it doesn't stop there.

That hose is then secured to a plastic gallon container, which is properly fasted to the mirror by packing tape. Impressive?

Heck, yes. This would definitely fall under "unsafe equipment" and could catch you a ticket. It may be time for a new radiator. 

This next one I wish was fake. What you're seeing is a fairly large dog in a dog crate strapped to a hitch luggage transport.

There could be hundreds of excuses for this, but I can't seem to be OK with it. Although this is not illegal, it is still something that just makes you go, "Why?!"

I want to keep seeing the things you're seeing! Send in your pictures or video of things that make you go, "What the ....?!" over to AskTrooperSteve@wkmg.com.

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