Here’s how to navigate the latest I-4 traffic shift at Maitland Boulevard

FDOT says drivers missed the shift causing delays Wednesday

If your morning commute was delayed Wednesday due to another I-4 traffic change you weren’t alone, according to Florida Department of Transportation officials.

Many drivers missed the latest shift at Maitland Boulevard causing backups along I-4 between Lee Road and State Road 436 as motorists attempted to make a U-Turn at SR 436, according to FDOT.

Beginning Wednesday morning, drivers exiting eastbound I-4 to westbound Maitland Boulevard (exit 90B) will begin that shift approximately a quarter of a mile sooner, coupled with the exit point to eastbound Maitland Boulevard (exit 90A).

The new combined eastbound exit ramp splits to provide access to both directions of Maitland Boulevard.

If none of that makes sense. FDOT provided the map below for a visual aid.

The good news? Eastbound I-4 exit is now in its final configuration and access to eastbound and westbound Maitland Boulevard will remain combined on the same ramp.

However, be on the lookout for additional shifts of I-4 ramps at the Maitland interchange, according to FDOT.

FDOT officials ask motorists to maintain a safe speed when driving through the work zone.

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