What the Honk: Stuck in an intersection and creating your own lane

Trooper Steve shares viewer photos, videos

ORLANDO, Fla. – This week, I definitely expected more “What the Honk” moments because the holiday season has arrived. Any you did not disappoint.

Distracted driving leads to so many things and sometimes your actions will land on News 6.

That’s the case here. A white car was in definitely in the wrong place. This was northbound on John Young Parkway at Oak Ridge Road. If you look closely, eastbound Oak Ridge Road has the green light, meaning that driver is in the intersection on a red light. What the honk, dude. Paying attention in the car should start when you leave the driveway and end when you park. If that’s not the case then, hey, we’ll talk about you. By the way, you can catch a ticket for this.

In the video below, nothing really has gone wrong. However, I have talked about this so many time that I figured I would use this video to declare a driver’s innocence. This is eastbound State Road 528, just west of the Florida Turnpike. The dash camera in this shot is driving toward I-4. Now on the left of your screen, the driver explains how this white vehicle avoided the toll. But let me be the one that tells you, nothing wrong was done here. No tolls were avoided and the express lanes are included in your normal toll fee on the highway. No honks here, guys.

With this last one, I think a lot of us would use a few choice words trying to figure out what this driver is doing, including, “What the honk?” I’m labeling this one, “I do what a want.” Not only careless, but just plain stupid. This driver of the white Corolla was in the left eastbound turn lane of Gore Street approaching Orange Blossom Trail when the light was taking to long for them. So they decided to create their own lane. You can clearly see approaching traffic had to stop to avoid a crash. Several violations here, but the true meaning of “What the honk?”

I want to keep seeing the things you’re seeing. Keep your passenger pictures or dash camera videos coming and send them to me at clickorlando.com/whatthehonk or email them to me at asktroopersteve@wkmg.com.

As always, drive safely out there and happy Thanksgiving.

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