Fla. snowstorm? Nope, hail

Storm causes 2 1/2 inches of hail

Credit: Richard Ables
Credit: Richard Ables

POINCIANA, Fla. – Severe weather across Central Florida caused hail in Osceola County that left some neighborhoods looking like they were in a snowstorm.

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"You can still scoop it up and see it's nice-size chunks and it's been a couple hours since it's hit," Richard Ables said.

Ables checked out the damage around his Poinciana home after a severe thunderstorm and hail ripped through the area Saturday night.

"It started pea-size and then it got bigger, and then it was massive. You couldn't even barely see the house across the street. It was coming down that hard," Ables said.

Ables described it like a snowstorm, and it packed a power punch.

"It was just pounding, just rapidly, it just had a roar sound you can't explain," he said.

Ables said the storm and hail lasted for 45 minutes. He told News 6 it left behind 2 1/2 inches of ice chunks across his yard.

The hail caused damage to his home, car and around the neighborhood.

"It took all the flowers out, the neighbors screened-in porch next door is gone, the neighbor behind me, his screened-in porch is gone," Ables said.

The ice was still in Ables' yard hours after the storm, a melting reminder of Mother Nature's power.

"Were you expecting this?" News 6 asked.

"No, never. When they say storms you figure rain. We've had a little bit [of hail] here and there, but never like this," Ables said.

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