Disney weather simulation informs community about severe weather

StormStruck is at EPCOT attraction

Every year, News 6 works hard to get central Floridians ready for hurricane season. Only Disney could come up with a way for people to experience what could happen.

It’s a place where entertainment and education collide. StormStruck is a weather simulation attraction told by a tale of two homes and is located at Disney’s Epcot Center.

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, or F.L.A.S.H., sponsors the interactive exhibit. It’s a way to educate homeowners on the importance of storm ready construction.

They not only educate people, but they entertain them in the process.

This way, they retain that learning much better that they would if they just sat them down and lectured them.

It all starts at the Severe Weather Replicator Theater, where they witness, in 4-D, what a storm can really do.
A storm moves in and destroys a home, then it’s rebuild by the audience.

When they experience the storm again, they can see how there improvements in the house performs during that storm.

That’s the message: Know your risk, understand property protection and take action.

The hope is the audience will go home and actually do something to strengthen their homes and prevent those high winds and water from affecting them and their families in a negative way.

Anyone who is interested in storm damage doesn't have to go to Epcot to take advantage of what F.L.A.S.H. has to offer  can go to their website, which offers tips and games to help the whole family prepare for storms and other disasters.