Summer-like forecast in Central Florida as rain chances go up Monday

Rest of week sees rain chances around 40 percent


ORLANDO, Fla. – It's still all about the heat that uses the moisture to produce the thunderstorms. We call it summer, and even though the calendar calls this time of year fall, we continue to have temperatures above 90 degrees, except at the beaches, where the sea breeze keeps it just below 90 degrees.

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Sea breeze fronts pushing in from both coasts will collide and produce some boomers and downpours as usual. Rain coverage will diminish after the sun goes down.

Rain chances are going up on Monday to 50 percent, and the rest of the week sees rain chances around 40 percent.

Again, this is mostly a summer-like forecast. Rain chances will drop slightly by the end of the week. It's not the time to put the umbrella away.

Tracking the tropics

The tropics have two blobs. Karl, which is traveling away from the U.S., and Invest 97, which bears watching over the next five-plus days as it gets closer to the Caribbean.