Temps to be in the 90s the rest of this week

Central Florida received record rainfall Monday; more rain on the way

ORLANDO, Fla. – We are pinpointing the tropics.

A sub-tropical depression could get the name Dolly soon. It is a couple of hundred miles off the coast of Massachusetts and is moving away from the U.S.

If this system does get a name it won’t impact anyone.

Closure to home it is all about the heat and then the storms.

Rain chances will be up to 50% after 2 p.m. some storms will linger into the evening hours. Storms could be strong to severe with the main threats being heavy rain and lightning with a few stronger wind gusts.

Expect a 50% coverage of rain on Wednesday and a 40% coverage of rain Thursday and Friday. For the weekend rain chances will be at 50% with high temperatures across-the-board from Tuesday on in the next week in the mid 90s but feeling more like the triple digits.

Monday in Orlando we had a high temperature of 94 degrees, just as predicted. The record high for yesterday was 98 set in 1987.

The area received 3.02 inches of rain Monday setting a daily rainfall record. The record for Monday’s rain was 2.38 inches set in 1921. Now the deficit is only 1.24 inches since the first of the year. Since June 1 we have a surplus of 4.81 inches.

The date’s normal high is 91, again we can expected high of 94. The record high for Monday’s date is 99 set in 1924.

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