Tropical Tracker: All aboard the African wave train

More activity to follow Nana and Omar

Development chances over the next five days.
Development chances over the next five days.

ORLANDO, Fla.- – When it comes to named storms this hurricane season, it’s looking more and more likely that we will exhaust the alphabet and have to use the greek alphabet to finish out the season for just the second time on record.

Currently, 2005 is the only year the greek alphabet had to be used to name storms. A total of 28 storms were named that year.

The next name of the 2020 season would be Paulette

After Nana and Omar were quickly named earlier in the week, Paulette will be the next named storm. For perspective, through Labor Day last year, we were on the “D” storm, Dorian. After Labor Day 2019, we had 14 more storms before the season came to a close. Let’s hope we don’t come close to that.

The ACE, or accumulated cyclone energy, to date is 44.7. At this point through the 2005 season, the ACE was a whopping 103.8. What has been going on this season has been significant, but the season still isn’t close to the benchmark season of 2005 in terms of intensity. The average ACE to date is 36.4.

Another shot at Fujiwhara?

Remember all of the Fujiwhara talk from Laura and Marco in the Gulf? That ended up not happening, but two waves off Africa could dance with one another in the coming days, depending on how they develop.

‘Tis the season

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