🍂Quick taste of fall; quiet in the tropics💤

Pinpoint Weather Insider 9/24


🍁☀️ It’s fall, but summer-like weather returns soon

ORLANDO, Fla. – Hey friends, it’s meteorologist Troy Bridges here. Are you loving this cooler, drier weather?

Either way, it’s all about to change. I hope you listened when I said enjoy fall while it lasts. You know how it goes here in Central Florida.


We are headed right back to our typical summer storms very soon.

Expect rain chances to increase Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here’s your pinpoint forecast.

The storms that we see Friday and the weekend will mainly be summer-like in nature as we pinpoint the east and west coast sea breezes battling it out.

I told you the wet season wasn’t over just because fall arrived at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Welcoming fall with open arms 🧡🍂

Did you feel that change in seasons this week? Wasn’t it perfect timing to ring in autumn?

Hey insiders, it’s meteorologist Candace Campos. I’m taking a quick break from hanging up my fall décor to talk to you a bit about what to expect this season. Click here to see what fall 2020 has to offer, including our average start dates for the real fall weather.


If you are looking for some fall fun, Disney has released its new seasonal items and treats! Click here to see what’s new at the mouse house.

What is your most favorite part of fall in Florida? Let me know by sending me an email here.

🌀This Week in Weather History: 4 hurricanes, 6 weeks, 1 state, 1 season

Hey there, it’s meteorologist Samara Cokinos here to bring you a moment in weather history for this week. After a few cups of fabulous Blue Mountain coffee, I am feeling “golden,” so here goes nothing.


Picture it: Florida. End of September 2004. There’s no gas and the state has now been deemed the “plywood state” in news headlines nationwide. Yes, that’s a Golden Girls reference and if you said 2004 was the year four hurricanes struck Florida, you’re absolutely right.

I was chatting with Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells about it earlier. Check out what he had to say about that year by clicking here.

What do you recall about the four hurricanes of 2004? Let me know by email. You can send one to me by clicking here.

Hot Summer Records. 🥵

Hello everyone! It’s Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells here to talk all about the heat.

As if 2020 was not proving to be strange enough, the summer season brought in raging wildfires, a super active hurricane season and record heat waves.


While the hurricane season grabs most of our attention in Florida and the wildfires dominate the national news, its the heat that continues to impress. Click here to see what cities broke the top 10 record for hottest summers on record.

🤫 Shhh... be very, very quiet

Hey guys, Jonathan Kegges here.

For the first time in forever there are no active tropical systems in the Atlantic. You are required to reread that to the tune of the Frozen song.


Anyway, things are looking good in the short term (hope I don’t jinx it), but we’ll focus on the Western Caribbean to ruin the party during the first week of October.

Learn even more in this week’s Tropical Tracker.

Consumer Weather Tip of the Week: 🦟💚

As mentioned before, the season of fall officially began this week.

But do you know what other season is quickly approaching? The season of love -- love bug season.

Click here to see why these honeymoon flies are more attracted to the Central Florida roads and how you can protect your car during this next round of mating season.

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