Heat streak continues: Orlando sets record for hottest October

2020 on track to see the hottest year on record


ORLANDO, Fla. – The 2020 string of hot months across Central Florida continued through October.

During the 31 days of October, the lack of strong cold fronts left the majority of Central Florida with abnormally warm temperatures during the day and especially overnight.

October 2020 Temperature Rankings
October 2020 Temperature Rankings

Check out the October temperature rankings for our official reporting stations across the area.

Orlando: 80.7° (4.7° above average) - Warmest October on record

Sanford: 79.2° (3.6° above average) - Second warmest October on record

Daytona Beach: 80.7° (4.7° above average) - Second warmest October on record

Melbourne: 79.1° (3.0° above average) - Fifth warmest October on record

For those keeping track, Orlando has seen above-average temperatures every month this year. So much so, seven out of the 10 months broke the top ten hottest months on record.

  • March: First warmest
  • April: Seventh warmest
  • June: First warmest
  • July: Second warmest
  • August: First warmest
  • September: First warmest
  • October: First warmest

If this trend continues through November and December, which latest models are hinting to, 2020 could go down in the record books for being the hottest year on record.

Click here to see what NOAA is predicting for Winter 2020-2021 and what it means for Central Florida.

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