Did you hear? El Niño is back!


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🌊El Niño is officially here🌡️

ORLANDO, Fla. – We have been anticipating this for some time and now it’s finally here! What’s up, guys? Meteorologist Jonathan Kegges with you. NOAA announced earlier Thursday that the phenomenon known as El Niño has developed.

El Niño could significantly impact the 2023 hurricane season. Click here to find out how.

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Smoke Suffocating the Northeast 🔥💨

Smoke from over 400 wildfires that are burning near Quebec Canada is halting air travel, canceling school and even major league baseball games across the Northeast. Hey insiders, it’s meteorologist Candace Campos here.

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Some cities like New York are seeing their worst air quality ever on record. But conditions are expected to remain hazardous for another day, with some improvement soon. Click here to see how the smoke is impacting the U.S., and how far south the smoke has already traveled.

The heat is on! 😳☀🥵😎😍

Hey Insiders! Meteorologist Troy Bridges here. We had a few strong storms over the past week, with one spinning up an EF1 tornado in Brevard County on Wednesday.

Along with the storms, the summer heat has also arrived — even though Summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21.


Rain chances are fairly high through the weekend and so are those temperatures! There could also be a few strong storms Friday.

High temperatures will stay in the low 90s!

Try to find a cool body of water and jump right in. Click here for more on the hot weekend on the way!

☔What do rain chances mean in the forecast and for me❓

The summer months are full of rain chances, but there might have been a few days where you said “there was rain, but it didn’t rain here today.” Hey there Insiders! It’s meteorologist Samara Cokinos here with you to break the most asked question from our viewers down.

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Trust me when I say we get plenty of emails and even stopped while pumping gas and get this very question pretty often. It can be hard to determine how your day is going to go, so we wanted to help! Click here to read more about what rain chances mean and what to look for during our weather broadcasts to help navigate through the rainy days by clicking here.

Forecasting Change: World Ocean Day🌎🌊

Hi insiders, it’s Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells. Today is World Oceans Day, which is a special occasion to acknowledge the invaluable role of the ocean in supporting humanity and safeguarding our planet from the perils of climate change. The ocean plays a pivotal role against the impacts of carbon pollution, by absorbing and excess heat and CO2 emissions.

Click here to learn more on how the ocean is key to keeping our planet as healthy as possible.

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Emmy Award Winning Meteorologist Samara Cokinos joined the News 6 team in September 2017. In her free time, she loves running and being outside.

Tom Sorrells is News 6's Emmy award winning chief meteorologist. He pinpoints storms across Central Florida to keep residents safe from dangerous weather conditions.