Orlando, Daytona Beach just saw their hottest month ever on record

Central Florida broke 39 overnight temperature records in August

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ORLANDO, Fla. – While the summer months in Florida are known for the hot and tropical weather, temperatures in August 2023 reached a new level of hot. Not only did Central Floridians experience the hottest August on record, but it was also the hottest month ever recorded for two locations.

Throughout the month, the air temperatures remained above normal, but the added dose of humidity drove the “feels like” temperatures to excessive values. The humidity not only made it feel hotter during the day, but the higher humidity levels also limited our ability to cool down efficiently overnight.

This led to numerous record temperatures being set during the day, but especially overnight.

Number of records set in August 2023:

  • Orlando: Five high temps and 13 warm lows
  • Daytona Beach: Five high temps and 10 warm lows
  • Leesburg: One high temp and three warm lows
  • Sanford: Five high temps and eight warm lows
  • Melbourne: One high temps and 5 warm lows

The combination of above-average temperatures both day and night is why all our reporting stations across Central Florida ended August as the top three warmest Augusts on record.

That is especially true in Orlando and Daytona Beach which not only saw their hottest August on record, but their hottest month ever recorded.

Orlando: Average of 85.9 (+3.3°) *All time hottest month on record*

Daytona Beach: Average of 85.0 (+3.1°) *All time hottest month on record*

Leesburg: Average of 85.1° (+1.8°) *3rd hottest August on record*

Sanford: Average of 85.6° (+2.0°) *2nd hottest August on record*

Melbourne: Average of 84.5° (+2.5°) *2nd hottest August on record*

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