Need a hurricane kit? Here are some you can buy online

Kits range in price based on size

ORLANDO, Fla. – Building a hurricane kit can be time-consuming and could leave you without an important item or two during a time you need it the most.

You should have a hurricane kit in your home in the event a hurricane hits. And because storms can throw a curveball sometimes, you should be ready as soon as possible.

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Here are some kits you can buy:

Emergency Zone - Family Prep Survival Kit - 72-Hour Kit - 4 Person

This kit has a first aid kit, food and water, weather protection and more all in an easily organized backpack. The best part about this is the kit lasts up to 5 years. There are even things you probably would forget if you were hastily trying to put a kit together if a storm was heading your way: hygiene products. There are other tools that come in the pack like a can opener, multitool knife and a radio with batteries. Cost: $209 on Amazon with free Prime shipping.

Click here to buy it.

Tornado/Hurricane Survival Kit

If you need a kit for two people, the Quake Kare ER™ Emergency Ready 2 Person Tornado and Hurricane Survival Kit offers 3 days worth of survival items if you need to quickly evacuate or shelter-in-place. There are food bars, water pouches, a radio and even a flashlight with built in USB charging capabilities for cell phones or other devices. The kit brings first aid items, a 4-in-1 utility tool and other safety items. Cost: $188 plus shipping.

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Sustain Supply, Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit

This 72-hour preparedness kit provides a first aid kit, water, light options, and more. The supplies and tools are all in a backpack easy to carry and organize the items. There are also multiple options the company offers for the kit, including a cheaper pack or a bigger kit option for four people. Cost: $199 on Amazon with free Prime shipping.

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Ready America 72-Hour Emergency Kit

This emergency kit has 33 essential pieces, including food, water, emergency blankets, a first aid kit and other supplies. The size of the kit ranges in price depending on whether the kit is designed for one person, two people or four people. Cost: $80 for 2-person kit on Amazon with free Prime shipping.

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Survival kits for your pets

While it’s important to have preparedness kits for you and your family, it’s also important to remember to prepare for your pets. There are two kits by Readywise for dogs and cats. Each kit has food, water, bowls, leashes and more.

Click here to buy a dog kit.

Click here to buy a cat kit.

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