Not cool: Dog gets trapped in air vent inside Orlando home

Firefighters rescue stuck pup

Orlando firefighters rescued a dog that got stuck in an air vent at a home downtown.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Every dog has its day, but for Hope, that day wasn't today.

The poor pup spent about two hours Thursday stuck inside an air conditioning vent at a home in downtown Orlando.

"The dog sitter came up to us and said 'Hey I just found this dog I'm watching down in this air vent,'" firefighter Jimmy Reyes said.

Luckily, neighbors heard the pet's faint cries and called 911 for help. The crew members from Orlando Fire Department's Tower 1 B-shift rushed to the scene to find Hope's head stuck in an upward position after a grate had given way. 

"The owners were out of town and they had two dog sitters come. One came at 8 a.m. and everything was fine, both dogs were there. The other one came at 11 and one of the dogs was missing," Reyes said. 

Hope's stifled barks let firefighters know where the canine was and helped them gain access to the area.

Crews made precise cuts to the ductwork until Hope was freed from the nasty predicament.

"We just took a utility knife to the duct work and kind of just cut in pieces and made sure we weren't cutting the dog," Reyes said.

Pictures show the pup with her fur ruffled hanging out by her water bowl alongside one of her rescuers. She didn't appear to be injured.

"Thanks for saving this sweet girl," Orlando Fire Department officials wrote on the agency's Facebook.