Anyone can be a hero: Google highlights most-searched topics of 2019, and it will make you feel things

Hey Google, what makes a person a hero?

The Google logo is reflected in the eye of a girl.
The Google logo is reflected in the eye of a girl. (2008 Getty Images)

“Throughout history, in times of uncertainty, the world looks for heroes. In 2019, searches for heroes soared.”

That’s how Google begins its video to recap the most-searched topics of the year.

But the video doesn’t just highlight superheroes -- it features the best ones: Everyday heroes.

We can’t help but love some of the most-searched hero terms: real life superheroes; people with superpowers; unsung heroes; sheroes; supermom; superdad; what do heroes look like? What makes a person a hero? Can anyone be a hero?

Among those inspiring searches, there were many others that trended in 2019.

Some of the top searches worldwide were:

  1. India vs South Africa
  2. Cameron Boyce
  3. Copa America
  4. Bangladesh vs India
  5. iPhone 11

In the United States, the top searches were:

  1. Disney Plus
  2. Cameron Boyce
  3. Nipsey Hussle
  4. Hurricane Dorian
  5. Antonio Brown

Other top searches were:

Top Google searches in News and People for the U.S. in 2019.

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Among some of the other most-searched terms were: Baby Yoda, intermittent fasting, Miranda Lambert, “Avengers: Endgame,” “Old Town Road," Washington Nationals and Area 51, to name a few.

If you take a look through the lists, you might learn a thing or two about our curiosity of things, but most of all, that we are intrigued by heroes.

As Google says in its year-end video: “To everyone using their powers to empower others — search on.”

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