To-do lists shouldn’t just be for work: How exactly to ‘schedule your joy’

Once again, guest on ‘The Best Advice Show’ nails it

Nate Mullen (Photo used with permission)

Are you a person who writes to-do lists?

Nate Mullen is -- and too often, he said, he found himself putting mostly work tasks on his list.

But there are so many other important things in life, beyond just your job.

What if you “scheduled your joy?” as podcast creator Zak Rosen put it.

Do you need to ... go for a run? Stretch after a long day? FaceTime your mom?

Make those items just as important as your work tasks. Put them on your list!

“Call your homie. You said you were going to call them!” said Mullen, an artist and educator from Detroit, with a laugh.

He’s one of the more recent guests on “The Best Advice Show,” and we think you’re going to want to hear more. Episodes are quick hits: Usually around 2 minutes apiece.

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