Life hack: Viral TikTok videos show how to wrap Christmas presents like a pro

Make everyone jealous with best-wrapped gifts this Christmas

Christmas gifts, credit by Storyblocks

Tis’ the season for a lot of gift wrapping.

If this is a skill you feel you just don’t have, these viral TikTok videos will have you wrapping like a pro in no time.

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Some wrap gifts really well and then some can’t complete it at all. I’m sure we all know someone who gives out gifts that we’re all jealous of how well it’s been wrapped.

And when you have a really nice gift that you can’t wait to give someone, who wants to hand it over with a mess of a wrapping job and probably far too much tape?

There are always gift bags, but why not give wrapping another try.

Let’s start with just a basic wrap.

This technique only requires one piece of tape. What kind of sorcery is this?

And this one is pulled off without any tape. I repeat, no tape was used in the wrapping of this gift.

For the oddly shaped gifts, try this.

There’s even a hack for a circular present.

This one looks awesome and like something most could pull off.

@beeandblooms Reply to @abbyjordan222 easy enough to do and looks super cute! #wrappinggifts #wrappinghacks #giftwrapping #christmascountdown2021 #howto ♬ Easy On Me - Adele

What if you don’t have enough paper to cover a package? This hack has you covered.

@samirajasmine Did this last year, posting early so you guys don’t see this the day after wrapping gifts! Lol😊 #foryou #foryoupage #viral #fyp #christmas #hack ♬ this is our dance give credit lol - kara

And if you really want to get fancy, here’s how to make a bow out of wrapping paper. They make it look so easy.

And if you want to wrap a gift card, check out this hack.

Happy wrapping.