Ever wondered when spring break started? Take a deep dive into the history of this week

The holiday got its start on none other than a Florida beach

Fort Lauderdale mayor announces beach closures for Fourth of July weekend

Spring break is a week of fun celebrated by many, but where and when did this legendary week get its start?

According to OnlineSchool.org, it is said that spring break started in the 1930s in Fort Lauderdale with a swim forum event.

This started as a small event that eventually escalated throughout the 1960s with a huge influx of people heading to the town, especially college students.

With this surge of people many businesses in the area took advantage of that and offered many drink specials to bring in more people.

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From the continuous flow of liquor, the town eventually got the nickname of “Ft. Liquordale,” where college students came to party throughout their spring break vacation.

Soon after the tradition spread to other cities like Panama City, Florida, and Cancun, Mexico.

Believe it or not, the spring break tradition goes even further back to an ancient Greek tradition.

Spring break traces back to the Greek celebration of Dionysus, the god of wine. The Festival of Dionysus was an ancient Greek theatrical festival where different genres of theater originated from.

This festival took place in Athens, and was celebrated during spring time in March.

Nowadays, we celebrate spring break differently but during all time periods we indulge in fun and memorable experiences.

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