Using your phone in school, construction zones is now illegal

Agencies will issue warnings starting Tuesday

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Better keep your hands off that cellphone if you are driving near a school or in a construction zone in Florida.

As of Tuesday, it is against the law to hold a cellphone while driving through a school or construction zone. Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Kim Montes said law enforcement agencies across the state won't start issuing tickets until Jan. 1. Until then, warnings will be issued.

Montes said the new stipulation is meant to protect children and construction workers.

“We don’t want to see a child hit or killed because somebody was on their phone,” Montes said.

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While Florida earlier this year outlawed texting while behind the wheel, the new law didn't ban all hand-held use of phones while driving, including no scrolling through news feeds or holding a phone to your ear.

About a dozen new laws are going into effect Tuesday.

One makes hazing a third-degree felony if it results in a permanent injury. Another makes it illegal to sell or offer sex dolls that resemble a child.

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