Newspaper hero honored by Orange County Mayor

Man delivering newspaper saves customer from fire


ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando Sentinel deliveryman was honored as a hero with the Orange County Mayor Hero's Award on Tuesday.

Ronnell Hudson stumbled upon a house fire while working his paper route in November of last year.

"It was something like I never went though before.  I can't even describe it.  It was just overwhelming," said Hudson.

Hudson tells Local 6 he had a feeling someone was in the home and when he couldn't get in the front door, he went around the the back of the house. 

He said he went inside, carefully crouching below the smoke and felt someone grab his legs.

"But when he grabbed me, man, I was just so happy to get him out of the house," he said.

Neighbors called 911. Hudson finished his deliveries and then came back to the house.  That's when he learned the man he rescued had been shot twice, and that's why he couldn't get himself out of the home.

And while his award says "hero," Hudson says that's a word he is reluctant to use.

"I was just doing my routine and it's just something that came over me and said go ahead and do it," he said.

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