Man arrested after assault with spatula, Orlando police say

Man charged with resisting arrest, aggravated assault


ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police arrested a local man after he resisted arrest and attempted aggravated assault with a deadly weapon -- a spatula.

Juan Cruz Perez, 28, was arrested early Sunday morning after police received a call about a suspicious person punching the caller's car, according to an Orange County police report.

When officers arrived to the location, he observed Cruz Perez to be sitting on a stairwell and was holding an aluminum drywall spatula. He was also bleeding from his right hand.

According to the report, the officer told him to drop the spatula, to which Cruz Perez did not comply after being asked several times. He proceeded to walk toward the officer with the spatula and the officer used his electric control device, not making full contact with Cruz Perez to have the device work properly.

The officer was able to push Cruz Perez onto a vehicle, where he continued to resist arrest until he was pepper sprayed by the officer.

Cruz Perez was taken to the Orange County Jail after being medically cleared for a cut on his hand and was being held on a bond of $5,150.