Video shows man, 79, fighting off robber at 7-Eleven in Orlando

Deputies say robber told victim, 'Give it up old man'

ORLANDO, Fla. – A man with a gun hoping to rob a 79-year-old man had the tables turned on him when he picked an Orlando senior who fought back.

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It happened at the 7-Eleven on Lee Road around 5 p.m. Saturday.

Marvin Lail, 79, had just pulled up to a gas pump and put in a gallon of gas when a masked robber zeroed in and tried to grab his wallet.

"There was no time to ask for help. It was all action from beginning to end," said Lail, who took matters into his own hands. "He said, 'Give it up old man,' and tried to get my wallet at the same time."

Security video from the 7-Eleven shows the two men struggle behind Lail's car. Other drivers are seen in the video doing nothing to help the 79-year-old man fight off his attacker. So when that would-be robber tried to overpower him, Lail did what most would do -- he fought.

"He wasn't getting my money, and he wasn't getting my wallet and he had to kill me to get it," said Lail, who kept fighting even after the robber pulled out a gun. "I think I could have kicked it out of his hand. I was watching every move he made and I think I could have taken him."

Deputies continue to hunt for the man seen in the video, worried he could hit again.

Lail said he's fought the guy off before and would do it again.

"When I come out to pump gas, I'll only have one thing in my hand -- that's my credit card. My wallet will be hidden in the car and my concealed weapon, which is right here in the right pocket now, will be with me," said Lail, who thinks that robber might have targeted him because he's a senior citizen.

Deputies said the robber's face was covered and need help identifying him.