FWC investigating after bear attacks show pig

Family member saw the 7 foot bear attack their pet

APOPKA, Fla. – A show pig was attacked in pen by a bear and a family member saw it happen. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is now investigating.

Kris Owens says his daughter's show pig, Komet, was attacked Monday night. He tells News 6 the large animal tried several times to get over the 6-foot fence that surrounds the pen before finally breaking it down.

[WARNING, CONTENT MAY BE GRAPHIC: Pics: Pig attacked by bear ]

"The pig was right there and the bear was on top of it," Owens said.

Owens says the squeals woke up his dad who ran out and saw what he described as a 7-foot, 500-pound bear pinning down the pig.

"She has probably a 6-inch deep wound to her neck/shoulder area that's probably 16 inches long and then she has other wounds that are probably 4 to 6 inches, claw marks where he was trying to grab her and hold her down," Owens said.

Owens' father scared the bear off. FWC officials believe the animal was there because the family's trash container was not properly secured. FWC issued a warning to the family about the unsecured dumpster.

"It could possibly be because the garbage days have changed and since the garbage was picked up Monday instead of Tuesday, they didn't get the food that they needed and so he was extra hungry and it was something easy he could get to," Owens said.

Owens says wildlife officials told him this was an unusual attack and he is worried the bear could harm others in the community.

"If it can do that to this animal, then dogs, or kids, or even an adult, it could do much easier, it could do severe damage," Owens said.

Since the attack, Owens is keeping Komet in a secured area. He is hoping the show pig will recover in time so his daughter can participate in the Central Florida Fair in March.

"She [Komet] feels much better, but we still don't know how she's going to come out, if she's going to make it or not," he said.

FWC loaned Owens an electric fence to put up around the pig pen and also set up a camera to catch the bear if it comes back. FWC also tells News 6 it will set up a trap to catch the bear.

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