New details in Orange County stabbing death of elderly man

A man charged with the stabbing death of his mother in 2007 is again facing murder charges after detectives said that he stabbed his girlfriend's father to death inside his home last week.

According to court documents, Julian Gresham, 81, was killed two days before his body was discovered.

David Buchan, 53, is charged with murder and is being held without bond.

Investigators said they responded to the Sands Hotel on Sunday morning for an attempted suicide call. Detectives said both Buchan and the victim's daughter, Tessie Gresham, 45, had taken pills and alcohol with intention of ending their lives.

Also in the hotel room were ATM receipts for funds taken out of the victim's account after he was killed.

Gresham's autopsy shows he died from stab wounds. A neighbor told News 6 that she was inside the house after the murder and notices two knives missing in the kitchen.

Documents show Buchan told detectives he remembers holding the knife, but didn't remember the actual stabbing. The situation similar to what he told deputies in 2007 after stabbing his mother.

The Orange County Fire Department discovered Gresham's body after a wellness call was placed by a relative.

Dispatcher: OK, you think someone may have harmed him?
Victim's relative: Yes, yes I do. The man never goes anywhere. He might go to the store in the morning, but he's been missing for two days that I know of. And his car is gone. He's in his 80s. He doesn't go out and drive at night. I would ... I'm scared they've done something to him."

Gresham's 2006 Ford Taurus was located at a McDonald's on Lee Road. Investigators said someone told them that they bought the car from Buchan and Tessie Gresham the day before.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office also said that Tessie Gresham is no longer being held in custody and no charges have been filed against her.

The investigation is ongoing.

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