Democrat, GOP candidates nominated in Marion County sheriff race

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – Marion County voters are one step closer to having a new sheriff after Tuesday's primary election.

Dennis McFatten Jr. won for the Democrats with 54 percent of the vote in the Marion County Sheriff race, and William "Billy" Woods finished with 61 percent of the vote on the GOP side.

Incumbent Chris Blair, who was on the ballot, stepped down for the GOP candidate race. Blair was accused of perjury in connection to the 2014 arrest of Dustin Heathmann, 36, and allegations Blair ignored the use of excessive force.After reviewing a video that showed Heathmann being walked in front of Blair, a grand jury found probable cause that Blair lied when asked if he saw Heathmann's injuries while being treated by paramedics.

Woods and McFatten will go head-to-head on Nov. 8 to see who becomes the next sheriff.