Palm Bay man arrested for grabbing woman's crotch, police say

Suspect says it was an accident

PALM BAY, Fla. – A man was arrested earlier this month for grabbing a woman’s genitals at a Palm Bay Dollar Tree store, according to police.

Palm Bay police officers responded to the Southeast Bayside Lakes Boulevard store on Nov. 8 after two women reported being touched by the suspect, Jeremy Bonner, 44.

The first victim told police that Bonner grabbed her phone in her back pocket,while she was shopping. She said she initially thought he was trying to steal it, but the suspect later purposely bumped into her, according to the police report.

While the first woman was telling a Dollar Store employee about the man’s behavior another woman in the store yelled that Bonner grabbed her crotch as he was leaving, the victim told police.

A customer followed the suspect out of the store and photographed his vehicle, which led deputies Bonner.

Bonner told police that he suffers from back pain, which is why he appeared intoxicated. He told officers that he did bump into a woman, but it was an accident.

Bonner is charged with one count of battery.