Cat-killing stray dogs terrorize Titusville neighbors, residents say

Neighbors say over a dozen cats killed by pair of large dogs

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Residents living in the Whispering Hills neighborhood of Titusville say two large stray dogs are killing their cats.

"This lady next door ... found our cat torn up into five pieces," Daisy Bacskocky told News 6 on Thursday.

She said her cat was killed by two stray dogs four weeks ago, and then cats belonging to her neighbors were soon attacked outdoors.

"(My Neighbor) saw the dogs tearing her cat up and she ran out and she grabbed her cat and it died in her arms," Bacskocky said.

"I hope they catch them and destroy them," her son Louis Bacskocky said.

Resident Marvin Aboulhosn had to bury his cat, too.

He lives nearly a mile away on Greenwood Street and said the dogs got his cat, Lulu, early Christmas morning in his yard.

"She was all cut up, bleeding,"  Aboulhosn said. "She was in so much pain we had to go put her to sleep,"

Aboulhosn said his family had Lulu 13 years.

Animal Services was called to the neighborhood Thursday.

Animal Services told News 6 they found one of the dogs they were looking for, a brindle-colored female pit bull, and left it with a friend of the owner while the owner was at work.

The dog's owner will be ticketed for not being up to date with the dog's tags and rabies shots and because the dog was roaming the neighborhood, according to Animal Services.

Residents told News 6 they hope raising awareness about the dogs will help them get results by keeping them off the streets.

"Somebody has to pay for it. It's not right," Aboulhosn said.

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