CFIX administrator: Kissimmee suspect's intel should have been shared

Orlando police report on alleged Facebook rants stopped at OCSO

ORLANDO, Fla. – Top brass with the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIX) told News 6 the intelligence sheet on accused Kissimmee cop killer Everett Miller should have been shared with the intelligence agency.

A member of the CFIX board said the protocol has always been that, “The primary owner of the intelligence is responsible to share the intelligence." The Orlando Police Department, he said, "should have shared it with CFIX.”

On Tuesday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it had received, reviewed and conducted proper follow-up on the intelligence report.

OPD issued this statement to News 6 Wednesday:

“In the past, when OPD has sent intelligence bulletins to CFIX, we have sent vetted and qualified information. Going forward, any time OPD sends intelligence to any law enforcement agency, it will also send that information to CFIX and make it clear that OPD has not investigated or vetted the leads."

Former Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary told News 6 “in a perfect world” that information would have been shared with every police agency.

“When you get something like this, this needs to be priority one," Beary said. “It needs not only to go to the local police, it needs to go to the Fusion Center (CFIX)."

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said given the time between the July 14 report and Miller’s alleged assault of two Kissimmee police officers, it might not have made a difference.

“I have been a cop for 30 years," Chitwood told News 6. “ I could have looked at that photo for 20 minutes and I could walk down the street and I could have walked right by the guy because that license photo means absolutely nothing to me.”

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